Between the presidential contest and the battle for control of the U.S. Senate, the 12 gubernatorial races are getting very little attention, despite the fact that six of them sit in the Toss Up column today. Strategists from both parties feel a sense of uncertainty about the outcome of these gubernatorial contests, with one saying that he feels it is equally likely that his party could sweep the close races, or lose them all. This is where the agreement ends. When it comes to the overall political environment and the direction of some of the races, the parties seem to be looking at very different races. Republicans tend to be more pessimistic about the overall political environment at the state level, with one saying that nearly all GOP candidates experienced a dip in support after the first presidential debate and hadn’t completely recovered. In truth, these candidates haven’t had the space to recover given two more debates and the release of the Access Hollywood tape in which GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump described sexually assaulting women. That doesn’t necessarily mean

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