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Despite how solidly Republican Kentucky has become, Democrats believe that they can give GOP Gov. Matt Bevin a very competitive race. Stylistically, Bevin is often compared to President Trump; he’ll say just about anything (during the polar vortex this winter, Bevin said that closing schools due to the weather means that kids are getting “soft.”), is somewhat unpredictable, often harshly criticizes opponents, and likes to get his way. Republicans don’t deny that Bevin is an unusual breed of politician, but argue that he is taking the state in the right direction and that his likely Democratic opponent is too progressive for a majority of voters. Bevin faces three opponents in the May 21 primary: state Rep. Robert Goforth, 2019 Lexington mayoral candidate Ike Lawrence and businessman William Woods. Goforth appears to be the most serious candidate. A pharmacist, he was first elected to the state House of Representatives in a special election in February of 2018. Three primary opponents almost guarantee that Bevin wins the nomination. Four Democrats are

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