The tightening of the polls in the presidential contest and in Senate races that has occurred over the past few days has extended to the 12 gubernatorial contests on the ballot. Strategists from both parties acknowledge that Republicans are the beneficiaries in most cases. They also note that some of these contests are so close that it wouldn’t take much to push them either way. Republicans are defending two seats: the open seat in Indiana and Gov. Pat McCrory in North Carolina. In Indiana, GOP Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb is facing off against former state House Speaker and 2012 gubernatorial nominee John Gregg. While Republicans believe that the contest is very tight and that the state’s GOP tilt can put Holcomb over the top, Democrats feel very confident that they can win here. The most recent public poll – a Monmouth University survey (October 27-30 of 402 likely voters) – gave Gregg a six-point advantage, 48 percent to 42 percent. North Carolina has been the most competitive and hard-fought of the cycle. In many ways, GOP Gov. Pat McCrory started

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