Bottom Lines are our most up-to-date take on a race. KANSAS: This is supposed to be an open seat as Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is term-limited. President Trump, though, has nominated Brownback to be Ambassador At-Large for international religious freedom. Assuming he is confirmed, he will leave office before the end of his term, elevating Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer to Governor. Colyer, a surgeon by training, has been mulling a gubernatorial bid, but hasn’t made a formal announcement. If Colyer runs, as most expect, he will do so as an incumbent, but he may not be able to clear the primary field. Brownback has had a tumultuous tenure in office and Colyer is going to have to separate himself from the outgoing Governor while defending his record as Brownback’s second in command. There are three announced candidates, none of whom have expressed a willingness to step aside for Colyer. While Kansas is a reliably red state, Brownback is so unpopular that Democrats believe that they can make the general election competitive. Former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer and former state Agriculture

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