Between the presidential race and the battle for the Senate majority, the 12 gubernatorial contests on the ballot this year have gotten very little attention. That’s unfortunate because half of the races are in the Toss Up column. Gubernatorial races that take place in presidential years don’t always bend with whatever political winds are blowing at the top of the ballot. Democrats currently hold governorships in Missouri, Montana and West Virginia; all states that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney carried easily in 2012. And regardless of whether it is a presidential year, there are solidly red and solidly blue states that elect Governors of the other party. Louisiana, which has a Democratic Governor, and Maryland and Massachusetts, both of which have Republican Governors, are all good examples. Despite all the oddities of the presidential contest, this year doesn’t appear to be any different. All the races in the Toss Up column would be there regardless of what else was on the ballot. Democrats have more exposure this cycle. Of the 12 races, Democrats hold eight of them to four for

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