The following Bottom Lines have been updated following this week's gubernatorial primaries in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Dakota


Republican Gov. Kay Ivey fended off four challengers in the June 5 primary to win the nomination with 56 percent of the vote, easily avoiding a run-off. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle finished second with 25 percent. Ivey became Governor in April of 2017 when Gov. Robert Bentley resigned to avoid impeachment, and she is now seeking a full term in her own right. Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox won the Democratic nomination with 55 percent, beating out five other challengers. Democrats have believe that Maddox will be a very competitive candidate, and argue that the party’s upset victory in last December’s special U.S. Senate election provides them with a roadmap to victory. In reality, they will face a different political landscape and an opponent who isn’t damaged goods, making this an uphill fight for Maddox. The race is in the Solid Republican column.


In 2014, Republican Asa Hutchinson won this open seat by defeating former Democratic

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