The three gubernatorial primaries and one run-off that took place June 26 have shed some light on which races have the potential to become more competitive as the general election progresses. Case in point is South Carolina. Usually a party is better off with an incumbent as its nominee, but Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, who has been tainted by scandals that have roiled the state capitol, may provide an opening for Democrats in this solidly red state. As a result, the contest moves to the Likely Republican column. The open seat in Colorado may have become more challenging for Republicans by virtue of having to face a very wealthy (and largely self-funding) Democratic nominee. And, Republicans will face a run-off in Oklahoma, but that may actually be good news.


Democrats have controlled the Governor’s office for the last decade, which gives Republicans some hope that voters might be ready for a change. At the same time, Democrats believe that Colorado has become more blue than purple. Both parties hosted competitive primaries on June 26. Democrats nominated U.S. Rep. Jared

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