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By almost any measure, Republican Charlie Baker is one of the most popular Governors in the nation. He is also the most moderate of the nation’s 33 Republican Governors, which is an important asset in this solidly blue state. Baker has focused on issues that voters care about like infrastructure improvements and even signed pay equity legislation. Democrats had hoped to include Baker on their list of targets this cycle, but had trouble recruiting a first-tier challenger into the race. The closest thing that they had to one, Newton Mayor Setti Warren, dropped out of the race in late April after struggling to raise money. There is now a two-way Democratic primary between Jay Gonzales, a former state budget director, and Bob Massie, who was the party’s nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 1994. Neither appears to be gaining any traction. Baker won’t have much trouble winning a second term. The race is in the Solid Republican column.


Republican Gov. Chris Sununu was elected in 2016

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