Indiana voters are in for a year of rematches. The first one is in the gubernatorial contest where incumbent Republican Gov. Mike Pence will again face former state House Speaker John Gregg. In their first meeting in the 2012 open-seat race, Pence won the contest, 49 percent to 47 percent with a Libertarian candidate taking the remaining 4 percent. Some thought that Gregg wasn’t aggressive enough four years ago or that his campaign had enough energy. Others believe that he is too moderate to energize the Democratic base, though it is worth noting that Gregg managed to avoid a primary challenge. It’s hard to tell whether he is a better candidate four years later, but he will face a weaker Pence. Pence shouldn’t have much to worry about in a normal presidential year, but a series of controversies from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which critics say would allow discrimination against members of the LGBT community, to legislation that places additional restrictions on abortion have left him more vulnerable. Even his painfully awkward endorsement of Ted Cruz in the days

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