Though the Green Mountain State initially seemed like it could host some political drama this year — with a former governor possibly challenging the popular Republican governor or jockeying to replace the state’s progressive independent senator — it was not to be.

Vermont’s major statewide contests now appear to be straightforward affairs. Popular Republican Gov. Phil Scott looks like he will easily win a fifth two-year term in one of the bluest states in the country. And after two failed presidential bids, Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for reelection, promising to continue his progressive tenure in the Senate well into his eighties.

Vermont Governor

Scott continues to enjoy immense popularity in Vermont six years after he was first elected in 2016 by nearly nine points at the same time Hillary Clinton carried the state by 26 points. Though Vermont has routinely elected Republican governors, such as Jim Douglas (2002-2010), and even a GOP senator as recently as 2000, it remains surprising to many that Scott has been able to maintain such broad appeal in a state that has not voted for

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