The last major primary night of the year is August 23, when Florida and New York will head to the polls to vote on drastically altered House maps. In Florida alone, Republicans are poised to add four seats to their delegation thanks to a newly passed gerrymander. But the race with the biggest national implications is the Toss Up special election in New York's Hudson Valley 19th CD between Republican Marc Molinaro and Democrat Pat Ryan. Between Florida and New York, new maps and retirements mean at least 15 new members will be headed to Congress — making next Tuesday one of the most consequential primary nights ever. In Florida, most new GOP members will be hard-line Trump/DeSantis loyalists. But in New York, there are six genuinely competitive districts, not to mention the epic Manhattan primary between longtime Democratic Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney. Jump to a state: August 23: Florida, New York, Oklahoma (Runoff)

FL-02: Neal Dunn (R) vs. Al Lawson (D) - Panhandle: Tallahassee, Panama City Solid Republican. Gov. Ron DeSantis overpowered his own legislature to dismantle

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