For the first time in the state’s history, Alabama voters have the opportunity to send two Black members to Congress.

Despite the fact that more than a quarter of the state’s population is Black, only one of the state’s seven congressional districts is majority Black. But after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Alabama map violated the Voting Rights Act, a court-appointed special master drew a new map that creates a Black-plurality district anchored by Montgomery and Mobile. Now, Democrats are strongly favored to flip the 2nd District, and nearly a dozen Democrats from across the state are competing in the March 5 primary, which is almost guaranteed to go to a runoff.

Meanwhile, current 2nd District Rep. Barry Moore has decided to run against fellow GOP Rep. Jerry Carl in the new 1st District, which encompasses both members’ hometowns. The new southern Alabama-based seat, which has a PVI of R+28, is now one of the 10 most Republican districts in the country.

AL-01: Jerry Carl (R) vs. Barry Moore (R) - Parts of Mobile and the Wiregrass: Baldwin

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