Now that this cycle's primary season has drawn to a close (with the small exceptions of Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island on September 13), it's an ideal time to assess both parties' results. And a deep dive reveals that the House GOP continues to be remade in former president Donald Trump's image — much more so in deep red seats than swing seats — while Democrats have migrated left at a much slower pace. To better understand the prevailing moods on both sides of the aisle, we've compiled a list of 73 notable House GOP primaries and 49 notable Democratic primaries and roughly categorized winners and runners-up according to their message and appeal. Sometimes, dividing lines aren't always clear. But we evaluated GOP candidates as either aligned the more pragmatic "Traditional/Governing" wing of the GOP (think, those who would have been more comfortable with Marco Rubio than Trump in 2016) or in the more bellicose, pro-Trump "MAGA/Freedom Caucus" wing. We also tagged Democrats as either "Establishment/Traditional" or more aligned with the "Progressive Wing." We also noted whether Trump endorsed

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