Republicans won the House with a 222 to 213 majority, a mirror image of Democrats' slim current majority. Below are seven things we learned about the House in 2022.

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National (1-5) Senate (6-10) House (11-17) Governors (18-22)

HOUSE (11-17) 11. Republicans won control of the House by just 6,675 votes in five races.

Republicans picked up nine seats to win a 222-213 majority, a mirror image of Democrats’ prior edge. But they wouldn’t be in the majority if not for razor-thin wins by five of their candidates: Lauren Boebert in CO-03 (546 votes), John Duarte in CA-13 (564 votes), John James in MI-10 (1,600 votes), Mike Lawler in NY-17 (1,820 votes) and Zach Nunn in IA-03 (2,145 votes). That’s an effective margin of just 6,675 votes out of 107.6 million votes cast in House races nationwide (0.0062%), about a fifth of the 31,751-vote margin by which Democrats won the House in 2020. Closest House Races Won by Republicans

12. Democrats lost control of the House, but they’ll represent almost

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