Speculation over whether Democrats in the House will pursue impeachment hearings against President Trump continues to ramp up, especially as three vulnerable freshmen members have recently said they would support doing so. But such a declaration from that trio of lawmakers shouldn't be taken as a sign that winds are shifting when it comes to impeachment in the House. The simple facts remain the same — it's overwhelmingly Democrats who represent safe, very liberal districts who are leading the charge, and that overall makeup is unlikely to drastically change anytime soon.

Democrats are still nowhere close to the 218 they need and know that even if they were, any articles of impeachment would be dead on arrival in the GOP controlled Senate. Plus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who even as the left of her caucus presses her has remained steadfast to her politically-savvy conclusion that pursuing such a track in the House could harm her party in the type of districts they need to hold onto to keep control of Congress. She and many other Democrats favor letting the

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