The latest campaign finance reports covering the first quarter of 2020 are in, and they couldn't have been much more brutal for Republicans. Freshman Democrats, continuing to ride a wave of anti-Trump donor enthusiasm, are dominating GOP challengers in dollars — and the Coronavirus's chilling effect on fundraising could make it even tougher to catch up and put the majority all but out of reach for Republicans.

At the campaign committee level, the DCCC ended March with $80.7 million on hand to the NRCC's $48.8 million on hand. But the real devastation for Republicans is at the candidate level: of the 55 seats on the NRCC's February 2019 "Offensive Targets" list, the median Democratic incumbent ended March 2020 with $2.2 million on hand — more than six times the median leading GOP challenger's $366,000.

To put these numbers in perspective, in April of the 2018 cycle — when it was Democrats seeking to win the House back - we rated 56 GOP districts as vulnerable. At the end of March 2018, the median Republican in those seats had a much

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