The last week of ballot counting has mostly brought good news for Democrats and made Republicans' bad Election Night even worse. Democrats now appear to be the victors in 232 seats to 199 for Republicans, with four races still too close to call. That means Democrats' gains in the House stand at 37 seats, and the most likely final outcome is a Democratic gain of 38 or 39 seats. It's increasingly clear that last Tuesday's House result was a best-case scenario for Nancy Pelosi: not only did Democrats win a large majority (at least 14 seats over the threshold to take control), they did so by running up the score in the suburbs — not by winning a lot of ruby red seats where Pelosi is the most radioactive. In fact, Democrats didn't win a single seat where President Trump broke 55 percent of the vote. Of the 37 Democratic candidates who pledged they wouldn't vote for her for speaker, only 12 won. The list of anti-Pelosi declared winners includes Andy Kim (NJ-03) and Jared Golden (ME-02), whose victory was

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