More than 48 hours since polls closed, Republicans, maintain a clear edge in the race for 218 seats and House control — but it's still not assured, and even if they do flip the chamber, it could be by a razor-thin margin. According to our 2022 House vote tracker, Republicans have captured 211 seats and Democrats have secured 200 seats. There are 24 seats where no network has "called" a winner that remain uncertain.

Democrats have received the lion's share of good news in the last 24 hours. The Associated Press called four more tight Toss Up races for Democrats: Jahana Hayes in CT-05, Eric Sorensen in IL-17, Gabe Vasquez in NM-02 and Kim Schrier in WA-08. Additionally, Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer has conceded CO-08 to Democrat Yadira Caraveo, facing a 1,862 vote deficit with only a handful of votes left.

Of the 24 unresolved races, we see Democrats as the favorites in ten, Republicans as the favorites in eight and six too close to call. That means Democrats would need to sweep the "no favorite" races and nab at least

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