To protect their 17-seat majority, Democrats' would love to nab a few Republican-held seats as "insurance" to offset losses among the 31 districts they hold that voted for President Trump in 2016. This week, the Cook Political Report sat down with six Democrats running in 2020, including five running to flip GOP-held seats and a progressive primary challenger to Blue Dog Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX-28). Of the five Democrats on offense touted by the DCCC, four are running a second time after falling just short in 2018 and all five are running in districts Trump carried in 2016 - by margins ranging from five to 20 points. They are banking on earlier starts, more finely-tuned messages and a younger presidential electorate to put them over the top. But, Trump's return atop the ballot could just as easily boost their GOP opponents. Look for our assessments of Republican challengers in the months ahead. But for now, here are our initial impressions of these six Democrats' prospects:


Challenger: Alyse Galvin (I/D) Rating: Likely Republican At 86, GOP Rep. Don Young is

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