Democrats' bad election night in the House hasn't gotten any better with time. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will hold onto the gavel, but Republicans are on pace to cut Democrats' majority by more than half, leaving her with little margin for error. Ten Democratic incumbents have lost so far, and Rep. Cheri Bustos has already announced that she will not run for another term as DCCC chair.

Per our National House Vote Tracker, Democrats have secured 221 seats to 207 for the GOP with seven races still too close to call (Republicans have leads in six of the seven). If Democrats' current 233 seat tally is ultimately whittled to 222, Pelosi could not afford to lose any votes beyond the "Squad" quartet to pass anything, and a President Biden might be reluctant to plunder the House for new cabinet members.

So far, Democrats have flipped just three GOP open seats (GA-07, NC-02 and NC-06), while Republicans have defeated ten incumbents. Impressively, all ten Republicans who beat those Democrats are women and/or minorities:

  • CA-39: Young Kim (R) defeats Rep. Gil Cisneros

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