Senior Editor David Wasserman contributed to this report.

Democrats haven’t won a federal race in Idaho since 2008, when businessman Walt Minnick defeated unpopular GOP Rep. Bill Sali in the 1st District. Minnick was soundly defeated in 2010, and Idaho has since gone back to being a one-party state. Idaho’s bipartisan redistricting commission made only minor changes to the lines in 2022, and both seats remain prohibitively Republican. Things could get modestly more interesting if fast-growing Idaho gains a third seat in the 2030 Census and the commission creates a single Boise-centric seat.

The biggest question is when 13-term GOP Rep. Mike Simpson (ID-02), 72, will retire. Simpson has been a pragmatic moderate in the Republican Main Street Partnership and survived another well-funded primary challenge in 2022. But whenever he leaves, there will be a fierce battle between the two ideological wings of Idaho Republicans for his seat. Idaho’s other House member, Rep. Russ Fulcher (ID-01), is already a member of the Freedom Caucus.

ID-01: Russ Fulcher (R) - West: Northern Panhandle, Boise suburbs Solid Republican. Fulcher, who spent five

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