Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley continues to rack up a significant number of votes, despite dropping out of the contest weeks ago. As we’ve seen in earlier primaries, Haley’s strongest margins have come in urban, suburban and college towns — areas chock full of white, college-educated voters who dislike Donald Trump. However, Indiana is an open primary state, meaning that many of these voters are not GOP defectors, but are already firmly in the Biden camp.


After waffling on her 2024 plans for most of the cycle, Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz survived a bitter primary fight in Indiana’s 5th District. The congresswoman came in first place with 39%, while state Rep. Chuck Goodrich, a wealthy constructive company executive who had loaned his campaign $4.6 million, came in second with 33%. Goodrich had spent millions of dollars on TV ads hammering Spartz for her initial support for Ukraine funding and highlighting coverage of staff mistreatment allegations.

Meanwhile, Republican primary voters chose their future representatives across three safe open seats in the Hoosier State last night.

In the northeastern 3rd District,

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