Until last week, four-term GOP Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-04) was poised to cruise past attorney Todd McMurtry in the May 19 Republican primary. But his threat to force a recorded vote on the $2 trillion Coronavirus aid package passed unanimously by the Senate, potentially endangering members by forcing them to travel back to DC, amounts to an act of electoral self-sabotage.

President Trump promptly lambasted Massie as a "third rate grandstander" who should be "thrown out" of the party, and even retweeted former Secretary of State John Kerry's assertion that Massie "has tested positive for being an a**hole" and "must be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity." Privately, Trump was echoing what House GOP leaders have been feeling for years.

Since 2008, no fewer than four House incumbents have lost primaries each cycle, including some big names like Eric Cantor (VA-07) and Joe Crowley (NY-14). On March 17, Blue Dog Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL-03) was the first of the 2020 cycle to go down after facing a challenge from the left. Now, Massie has two and

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