Staff Writer Matthew Klein co-authored this report.

Republicans’ most impressive victory in 2022 may have come in Nevada, the only state where they ousted a Democratic governor. That victory has given Republicans renewed hope that they can flip Nevada’s Senate seat in 2024, and maybe even clinch the state’s Electoral College votes for the first time since 2004.

In the House, however, Nevada isn’t topping priority lists for either party.

Before he lost reelection, Gov. Steve Sisolak signed into law a risky congressional map that sought to lock in Democrats’ 3-1 advantage in the delegation. While Republicans were all but guaranteed a win in the 2nd District, the remaining three districts only slightly favored Democrats. Their Cook PVI scores range from D+1 to D+3, and Biden would have carried each of them in 2020 by single-digit margins.

But Democrats believe that the greatest danger to their incumbents has passed — and some Republicans privately agree. Democrats swept all three competitive districts in 2022, even as President Joe Biden’s approval rating hovered in the low 40s and Americans continued to

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