While most of the political world is paying attention to New Hampshire’s influence on national politics, the big news in elections last week was national politics’ influence on New Hampshire.

State Republicans are blaming their loss in a Sept. 19 Rockingham County state House special election on their nominee, Northwood Selectman Jim Guzofski. The state Democratic Party dissected Republican Jim Guzofski’s social media activity, finding videos and tweets that showed him denying the aresults of the 2020 presidential election and comparing abortion to witchcraft. Now, Republicans are on track to lose their majority in the state House, with Democrats one seat away from a 50-50 split.

Nominating MAGA-inspired candidates isn’t a new problem for New Hampshire Republicans. Republican Chris Sununu spent much of his time as governor attempting to find the sweet spot between ally and critic of former President Donald Trump, before making a sharp turn toward the latter after the 2020 election.

Things looked good for New Hampshire Republicans when they flipped the state House in 2020 and Sununu won reelection, even as Trump lost

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