House Editor David Wasserman writes: Whenever there's a national wave, it's a tsunami in the Granite State. In 2006, Democrats stunned the GOP by capturing both of New Hampshire's House seats. In 2010, Republicans avenged both their losses. The reason? New Hampshire has one of the highest proportions of independent voters in the country, and they tend to be in an unforgiving mood if they see the party in power going too far. This time, neither party has a wave to swim with or against, and the presidential race in the Granite State will help determine what happens down-ticket. Both freshman GOP Reps. Frank Guinta (NH-01) and Charlie Bass (NH-02) are in the Toss Up column, and Bass may be in even worse shape.

The new map can be found here.

New District Baselines

NH-01: Frank Guinta (R) – East: Manchester, Portsmouth Toss Up. Even though this district contains traditionally Democratic Manchester, it's the slightly more Republican district in the state in no small part because it contains the most tax-averse towns along the Massachusetts border. It gave President Obama 53 percent of the vote in 2008, about two points below his statewide share.

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