On Friday, Syracuse GOP Rep. John Katko (NY-24) announced he won't seek a fifth term in 2022, citing a desire to enjoy his "family and life in a fuller and more present way." It's a boost to Democrats who have had fits trying to beat him in a blue-leaning seat. But more broadly, it's a major blow to moderate and anti-Trump Republicans whose ranks continue to shrink as there are fewer viable places left to win both primary and general elections.

Katko has thrived electorally since 2014 thanks to his reputation as a gang-busting former federal prosecutor and a consensus-builder who voted against ACA repeal and for the recent bipartisan infrastructure package. A small media market has helped him personalize his races, defying party labels. In 2020, he won by ten while President Biden carried NY-24 by nine - the biggest overperformance of any GOP incumbent in the House.

However, the House has become a lonely and frustrating place for Katko and his style of politics. Last January, he was one of just ten Republicans to vote to impeach Donald

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