Last Friday, North Carolina's Republican-led legislature passed a new congressional map on a party line vote that would effectively convert the GOP's current 10-3 seat advantage in the state to an 8-5 advantage (North Carolina's governor doesn't have veto power over redistricting plans). But it's far from over: most strategists in both parties believe courts will draw their own map that could net Democrats even more seats. The National Democratic Redistricting Trust, led by Eric Holder, has filed suit against the new GOP-drawn map, arguing Republicans responded to state courts' October ruling by replacing one partisan gerrymander with another. The truth is Democrats have nothing to lose: a court-appointed special master could draw a 7-6 GOP map, adding even more 2020 insurance for Speaker Nancy Pelosi's 17-seat majority. The likeliest casualties under the GOP-passed plan would be GOP Reps. George Holding (NC-02) and Mark Walker (NC-06). Both of their districts would be converted to safe Democratic seats, and while Walker would have some options in nearby districts, it seems nearly certain Holding will sit out 2020 and be replaced by

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