What seemed nearly impossible at the outside of the GOP primary in the re-do election in North Carolina’s 9th district could actually happen this evening — Republicans avoiding a damaging runoff that would put them at even more of a disadvantage in the last undecided election of 2018. Democrat Dan McCready, who’s stockpiled $1.5 million for the race since evidence of election fraud negated his narrow loss last November, has a clear primary. But when we initially wrote about the newly-ordered race back in March, the ten candidate field seemed all-but-certain to force a September runoff, pushing the general election to November. But in the final weeks of the race, state Senator Dan Bishop has separated himself from the rest of the field and has a real chance this evening of topping the 30 percent and avoiding a runoff, according to multiple public and private polls. The controversial sponsor of the so-called “bathroom bill” in the state has put his own money into the race and has the backing of the Club for Growth. His next closest challenger, Union County

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