It’s a full-on bonanza of Republican tickets to Congress in North Carolina. Not only did GOP legislators in Raleigh re-gerrymander the state’s congressional lines to oust at least three Democrats, but two sitting Republican members — Reps. Dan Bishop (NC-08) and Patrick McHenry (NC-10) — are forgoing reelection, creating five open seats that are bright red.

Since the new map was finalized only three months ago, Republican candidates are in a sprint to the March 5 primary, which will likely decide several members of North Carolina’s delegation. If none of the candidates win 30% of the vote (a fairly likely outcome in the crowded 13th District), the top two candidates will face each other in a runoff on May 14.

The only competitive race come the fall will be in the 1st District, where two Republicans are vying to take on freshman Democratic Rep. Don Davis in a Toss Up race. And the outcome of this GOP primary will determine how vulnerable Davis is in November.

NC-01: Don Davis (D) - Northeast: Rocky Mount, Wilson, Elizabeth CityToss Up. This

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