Republicans have monopolized Oklahoma’s House delegation since 2020, when they regained the 5th District after losing it in a 2018 stunner. Adding insult to injury, redistricting left Democrats without a prayer of competing federally in the state by pushing more of blue-trending Oklahoma City out of the 5th District, making all five seats firmly GOP again.

The biggest question in blood-red Oklahoma will be whether any of its incumbents head for the hills. Reps. Tom Cole and Frank Lucas are both Washington fixtures, closely intertwined with the old guard leadership and armed with committee gavels in hand. Neither has given any indication they’re prepared to depart the chamber just yet, though a recent injury and term limits on committee chairmanships make Lucas a prime retirement suspect. Either way, any action in Oklahoma will come in its GOP primaries.

OK-01: Kevin Hern (R) - Tulsa and suburbsSolid Republican. As chair of the conservative Republican Study Committee, Hern’s name was floated by Freedom Caucus hardliners as a palatable alternative to Rep. Kevin McCarthy during both the January and October speakership standoffs. That

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