Most Freedom Caucus members come from rock-ribbed Republican seats. But Rep. Scott Perry (PA-10), until recently the chair of the cadre of House agitators, hails from a quasi-marginal Harrisburg seat that's steadily trended more white-collar suburban and less Republican. In 2020, the seat voted for Donald Trump by four points, down from 10 points in 2016. And in 2022, the FBI seized Perry's phone to investigate his efforts to help Donald Trump overturn the 2020 presidential election results and block certification of Pennsylvania's electors.

Perry has vociferously fought to keep his cell phone records sealed, though a federal judge has denied his claims of congressional privilege. Altogether, Federal Election Commission records show Perry spent $75,000 on legal bills from his campaign account this summer, leaving an anemic $541,000 in his campaign account with $106,000 in outstanding legal debt. And, last week Perry was named as a potential witness in the Georgia election inference trial, compounding his legal workload.

That leaves Perry somewhat exposed, considering he beat underfunded Democrat Shamaine Daniels just 54%-46% in 2022. On the same ballot, Gov. Josh

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