Democrats thought they won a big victory in December, when New York's Court of Appeals struck down the current court-drawn congressional map in a 4-3 ruling and ordered the redistricting process to start anew for 2024. But unlike in North Carolina, where the state's top court gave a GOP-dominated legislature the green light to draw an aggressive new gerrymander, the path to a new map in the Empire State is so byzantine it could make 14th century Greeks blush.

Any realistic Democratic path to the House majority and electing Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries speaker depends heavily on New York, where Republicans rode Gov. Kathy Hochul's unpopularity and a neutral set of lines to pick up three House seats in 2022, narrowing Democrats' edge in the state from 19D-8R to 15D-11R. If Democratic legislators in Albany were able to re-gerrymander the lines for this fall, it would give them a much better chance at flipping the five GOP-held seats currently in our Toss Up column, and possibly more.

But as we've written before, it's not that simple. In striking down the

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