The biggest redistricting weapon of 2022 has always been the Empire State, and Democrats are poised to finally use it. On Sunday, New York Democrats unveiled a gerrymander that could expand their lead in the delegation from 19D-8R to 22D-4R — the largest single-state shift in the country. Gov. Kathy Hochul has already said she supports using the redistricting process to give her party more seats.

The main reason for the shift: back in 2011, a stalemate in Albany prompted federal courts to draw a politically neutral plan. This time, Democrats fully control Albany — and redistricting — for the first time since the Voting Rights Act's passage.

The plan takes some creative liberties, to say the least: it pairs Trump-loving Staten Island with Whole Foods-shopping Park Slope to oust GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11). The proposed Long Island 3rd CD, where Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi is running for governor, jumps across Long Island Sound to pick up more Democrats. The 24th CD pairs Watertown with Niagara County, more than 200 miles away.

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