Louisiana is up next in our redistricting series. Throughout 2021, we'll delve into the states in detail, spotlighting a different state's redistricting outlook each week. Make sure to read our full redistricting outlook.

Current Delegation: 5R, 1D Projected 2022 Seats: 6 (No change) Redistricting Control: Split (Democrats control the governorship, but Republicans hold majorities in both legislative chambers)

Current Congressional Map

Map credit: Cook Political Report, drawn with Dave's Redistricting App

District-Level Population Analysis

Redistricting Outlook

Gov. John Bel Edwards's reelection victory in 2019 excited Democrats, giving them a seat at the redistricting table they didn't have a decade ago, when Republicans held full control. Today, Republicans hold a 27-12 majority in the state senate but a 68-35 majority in the state house, not quite enough to override Edwards's veto. Democrats hope a stalemate forces courts to step in, giving them a more advantageous map.

In 2011, Republicans locked in a 5-1 edge in House seats by stretching the New Orleans-based 2nd CD all the way to Baton Rouge, packing Democratic voters into one snakelike, 61 percent Black

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