The 2022 redistricting cycle continues to be a legal rollercoaster ride. After a string of state court victories in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Democrats finally suffered several setbacks this past week. On Friday, a Maryland judge invalidated their gerrymander of the Old Line State. And on Tuesday, the Ohio Supreme Court scheduled a trial over the GOP-enacted map for well after the May 3 primary date, likely leaving that gerrymander in place for this fall.

All of a sudden, Democrats' 7D-1R map in Maryland is at risk, and Ohio's plan could give Republicans a lopsided 13R-2D advantage — at least in 2022. As a result, we've updated our national redistricting scorecard. whereas Democrats were previously on track to net between four and five House seats from redistricting alone, we now see a more modest gain of one to two seats — boosting the GOP's overall odds of taking back the House.


On Friday, senior state Judge Lynne Battaglia struck down the congressional map Democrats passed in December, calling the plan "an outlier and a product of extreme gerrymandering"

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