Minnesota is up next in our redistricting series. Throughout 2021, we'll delve into the states in detail, spotlighting a different state's redistricting outlook each week. Keep up with the redistricting series here.

Current Delegation: 4D, 4R 2022 Seats: 8 (No change) Redistricting Control: Split (Democrats control the governorship and state House; Republicans control the state Senate)

Current Congressional Map

Map credit: Cook Political Report, drawn with Dave's Redistricting App

District-Level Population Analysis

Redistricting Outlook

By an incredible margin of just 26 people, Minnesota averted losing one of its eight districts when the Census released its state population totals in April. Had it not been for COVID, the 435th and final House seat might have gone to New York instead. Amazingly, this was Minnesota's second consecutive Houdini act: in 2010, it also nabbed the final seat in the House, with 8,739 residents to spare.

Despite Minnesota's blue lean, it's Republicans who are breathing a sigh of relief. The state's delegation is tied 4-4, but the GOP controls the three slowest-growing districts. Had the state lost a seat, there was

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