Throughout the 2022 redistricting cycle, we'll be providing a few quick updates on important mapmaking developments in each state. Be sure to visit our "Road Map to Redistricting" for an overview of who controls the process and links to our baseline analysis in each state.

September 16, 2021

Nebraska's unicameral legislature has convened in special session to tackle new maps. At the moment, the congressional map is taking a backseat to fights over new legislative boundaries, but as always, the swingy Omaha 2nd CD will be the sticking point.

Last week, the legislature's redistricting committee released two dueling congressional maps. The GOP-preferred plan would split Omaha and add rural Saunders County to the 2nd CD, shifting it from Biden +7 to Biden +4. The Democratic-preferred plan would add the city of Bellevue, moving it from Biden +7 to Biden +8. In 2020, GOP Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) won reelection by five points while Biden carried the 2nd CD's lone electoral vote.

The 49-member unicameral is technically nonpartisan, but 32 of its members identify as Republicans and 17 as

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