On March 3, the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a 4-3 ruling selected Democratic Gov. Tony Evers's proposal as the state's new congressional map, with conservative justice Brian Hagedorn siding with the court's three liberals. But don't be fooled into calling it a triumph for "team blue:" the new map largely preserves the status quo and could easily result in a 6R-2D breakdown in a state President Biden carried narrowly in 2020.

Redistricting was destined to be settled in court after Evers and the GOP legislature deadlocked. Back in November, the court made clear the new map should deviate as little as possible from the old one, disappointing Democrats who wanted to "unpack" the prohibitively blue Madison 2nd CD and Milwaukee 4th CD to better reflect the state's partisan balance. Evers's map complied, while the GOP's map sought friendly changes.

The biggest tug-of-war was over the western 3rd CD, where Democratic Rep. Ron Kind is retiring. Over the past decade, the La Crosse/Eau Claire seat morphed from Obama +11 to Trump +5, and under the new lines it more or less

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