This month, four red southern states adopted new maps that lock in Republicans' lopsided advantages. In Kentucky, the GOP legislature overrode Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's veto to pass a plan that maintains a safe 5R-1D advantage. But the biggest legal fight to come could be in South Carolina, where Democrats plan to argue the GOP's 6R-1D map discriminates by excessively packing Black voters in Rep. Jim Clyburn's 6th CD.


Arkansas's new GOP-drawn map became law on January 14 after state-level opponents failed to gather the 54,000 signatures necessary to force a veto referendum. In October, GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced he would neither sign nor veto the map, criticizing it for splitting the Black community in Pulaski County (Little Rock) three ways - practically inviting a racial gerrymandering lawsuit while avoiding rebuking his own party.

Arkansas Democrats have been locked out of the House delegation for 10 years, but the new GOP plan throws away the key. Little Rock GOP Rep. French Hill, who prevailed by six points in 2018 and 11 points in 2020, picks up rural Cleburne

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