Last week, panels in Minnesota and Rhode Island completed new maps that mostly preserve the status quo. In Minnesota, the most competitive seat in the state remains Democratic Rep. Angie Craig's 2nd CD, though GOP Rep. Jim Hagedorn's passing last week could prompt a topsy-turvy August 9 special election. In Rhode Island, Democratic Rep. Jim Langevin's (RI-02) retirement creates a rare long-shot opportunity for Republicans in the Ocean State.


Democrats control Minnesota's governorship and House, while Republicans control the state Senate. So for the fourth straight decade, a stalemate led a special panel appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court to craft new lines. On February 15, they unveiled a new map that mostly preserves the status quo: three solidly blue seats in the Twin Cities, four solidly red seats in rural Minnesota, and a competitive 2nd CD south of the Twin Cities.

The biggest question was always DFL Rep. Angie Craig's 2nd CD. In 2018, Craig, a former medical device executive, flipped the exurban seat in the "blue wave" by shedding the boardroom imagery that cost her her 2016

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