In the past week, Republicans have pressed their redistricting advantage in the Southeast, proposing more aggressive gerrymanders in Florida and South Carolina and advancing another to Gov. Brian Kemp's desk in Georgia. Meanwhile, Maryland Democrats advanced a gerrymander targeting lone GOP Rep. Andy Harris (MD-01), though it would still leave him the slight favorite for reelection in an Eastern Shore-based seat.


On Monday, Florida House Republicans unveiled two proposals for congressional districts that are significantly more aggressive than the relatively mild drafts released by state senate Republicans earlier this month. Unlike the Senate plans, which would have added Florida's new seat to the GOP column but made several existing seats competitive, one of the House plans could expand the GOP's lead in the delegation from 16-11 to 19-9.

In the more aggressive plan below, Republicans would stuff Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy's (FL-07) home in Winter Park into the plurality Black Orlando open seat of Rep. Val Demings. Murphy's Seminole County-based seat, renumbered the 6th CD here, would flip from Biden +10 to Trump +4, leaving the Blue Dog Murphy

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