Just when Democrats thought they could start celebrating a modest victory in the 2022 redistricting round, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis introduced a last-minute plot twist. By vetoing his own legislature's map and ramming through a brutal gerrymander, DeSantis could add four more GOP seats and eliminate three Democrats from the Sunshine State. The move threatens to wipe out Democrats' gains nationally, rendering the cycle a wash.


Gov. Ron DeSantis's aggressive push to gerrymander the state in the GOP's favor, over the initial preferences of his own party's legislators, appears on its way to becoming reality. In advance of next week's special session, GOP legislative leaders indicated they would defer to DeSantis, and on Wednesday DeSantis's office released a brutal proposal that would likely produce a lopsided 20R-8D delegation, versus the current 16R-11D breakdown.

Like previous maps proposed by the Florida House, DeSantis's plan would make the open seats of departing Democratic Reps. Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) and Charlie Crist (FL-13) redder, and award the state's new 28th seat to Republicans in the Tampa area. But most controversially, it would dismantle

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