Florida and New York remain each party's biggest potential redistricting weapons. Both GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis and Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul have indicated they're willing to play hardball to seize more seats for their party - the question now is whether their legislatures are willing to go along. As redistricting enters the home stretch, these puzzle pieces — along with court decisions in Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere — will determine dozens of seats' fates.


Last week, GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis took even some members of his own party by surprise by proposing his own gerrymander that's way more aggressive than anything GOP legislators have proposed thus far. The DeSantis map would convert the 16R-11D delegation to as lopsided as 20R-8D by dismantling Democratic Rep. Al Lawson's plurality Black 5th CD and flipping Democratic seats in suburban Orlando (the 7th) and St. Petersburg (the 13th) from Biden to Trump.

The draft may have been designed to excite the MAGA base, but it didn't sway Florida Senate Republicans. Three days later, the Senate (where pragmatic GOP state Sen. Ray Rodrigues has

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