When South Carolina gained a seat in 2012 reapportionment, Republicans simply added a new GOP-leaning seat in the fast-growing Myrtle Beach area, and their 6-1 edge looks durable. After last year's national spectacle in the 1st CD special election between Republican Mark Sanford and Stephen Colbert's sister, attention has shifted to the governor's race and GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham's primary. Meanwhile, the state's House incumbents look certain to stay put.

SC-01: Mark Sanford (R) - Southeast: Charleston, Hilton Head Solid Republican. Need proof a redemption narrative really can work in politics? Look no further than Sanford, who survived his infamous "Appalachian Trail" baggage, a trespassing charge filed by his ex-wife just weeks from the election, and a loss of support from the NRCC to beat Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Bush in a May 2013 special election, 54 percent to 45 percent.

Sanford's low-budget gimmicks, such as "debating" a cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi in the final days of the race, actually helped nationalize the race and changed the subject from his personal troubles, a wise move in a district where President Obama

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