They say everything is bigger in Texas — and House Democrats are making early moves to try and build on their Lone Star State successes last November in preparation for 2020. But 2018 may have been a unique year for Democrats — and it could be harder for lightning to strike twice in Texas, especially in a presidential year. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced this week they’re opening an Austin office not only to defend the two seats they successfully flipped in 2018 but also to expand their target list into more Republican-held suburban territory that is changing demographically and ideologically.

The DCCC used a similar blueprint last cycle by launching a headquarters in California — an early move that paid off big time, as they flipped seven seats, including several in usually reliable Republican areas like Orange County. But doing the same in Texas will be a much tougher climb, though there are several viable targets, and such an early investment could benefit Democrats in the long run as it did in California. Historically, Texas hasn’t been

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