One of the most conservative states in the country, Utah isn’t likely to send any Democrats to Congress anytime soon.

Though Utahns voted 50.3%-49.7% to create an independent redistricting commission in 2018, state lawmakers took over the process in 2021 and drew a congressional map that cracked liberal-leaning Salt Lake City to create four safe Republican seats. Last July, the Utah Supreme Court heard a case arguing the 2021 redistricting process was unconstitutional. But the court has yet to issue a decision, and time is running out for a resolution this cycle.

Most of the activity in 2024 will be in Utah’s 3rd District, left open now that Rep. John Curtis is running to succeed retiring Sen. Mitt Romney. Utah’s three other members are expected to win reelection, though newly-elected freshman Rep. Celeste Maloy faces a credible primary opponent.

UT-01: Blake Moore (R) - North: Ogden, Logan Solid Republican. Though Moore is just in his second term, he’s quickly risen through the ranks of the GOP conference. He joined the powerful Ways and Means Committee, became vice chair of the

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