The most-covered yet anticlimactic primary in the country is coming to an end in Wyoming, where the only remaining question is GOP Rep. Liz Cheney's margin of defeat against Trump-endorsed attorney Harriet Hageman.

In 2020, Cheney could have probably waltzed into an open Senate seat with a six-year term. Instead, the former GOP conference chair appears prepared to go down as a martyr. Rather than assailing Trump-endorsed attorney Harriet Hageman with a barrage of ads, Cheney has spent a fraction of her $13 million on ads proudly defending her unpopular efforts to hold the former president accountable.

Hageman has raised just $3.8 million, but after Cheney's high-profile service on the January 6 commission, there's no quantity of money or ads that could save the incumbent in a one-on-one primary where Trump is wildly popular among GOP voters in a state he carried with 70%. For her part, Hageman is keeping up the heat, saying Cheney's latest vote for a bipartisan gun safety bill proves she's no longer conservative.

At the outset of the year, it looked like Cheney's only

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