Before going into our post-election analysis, we wanted to answer the question, "How did you do on your predictions." Here's how we did:

The three "Likely Democrats" who lost were all incumbents, Levitas (GA), Patman (TX) and Vandergriff (TX}. Five "Lean Democratic" races went Republican, four Democratic incumbents, Britt (NC), Hightower (TX), Long (MD) and Ratchford (CT) while one open seat in the category fell to the GOP, the sixth district of Texas, the seat held by Kent Hance who did·not seek reelection but ran for the U.S. Senate instead. Only one seat in which we favored the Republican. Of the 22 "Toss Up" races, the Republicans won 14 of the races while the Democrats carried eight.

Our overall prediction for the House races was a GOP gain of 13 to 18 seats. The eventual result is apparently (unless the certification of Republican Rick McIntyre's win over incumbent Frank Mcclosky is overturned} a Republican pickup of fifteen seats.

Our only mistake was in the Kentucky Senate race where Jefferson County Judge Mitch McConnell upset Sen. Dee Huddleston. While this was

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