In just over a month, Americans will go to the polls in what surely is the most interesting election in recent years and arguably the most important election our nation has faced since the end of World War II. For the first time in over a half-century, control of all three branches of our Federal government are teetering on the edge.

In the legislative branch, the House is obviously headed for a photo finish while in the Senate the Republican majority appears to be in increasing danger. The presidential race is extremely close with two apparent lead changes in the last six weeks. Each party's nominee holds approximately 90 percent of his own party's support and so as a narrow band of fickle independent voters swing back and forth so do the polls. The Supreme Court, currently split between five conservatives and four moderate-liberals, has three members who are 70-years of age or older (two moderates, one conservative), and several other members with some health issues. The next president will likely make two or more nominations to the Supreme Court

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